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Sanya offers 'privileged' license plates to public

By AN BAIJIE ( Updated: 2014-03-27 15:35

A city government in South China's Hainan province has canceled 100 "privileged" car plate numbers that were formerly reserved for local officials.

The government of Sanya city used to reserve the plate numbers ranging from Qiong B-90000 to B-90100 for officials of and above vice-department levels since October 2007, which drew public concern as many people deemed it to be a privilege, according to a statement on the website of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China's top anti-graft agency.

The plate numbers have already become available for the public to apply for as the government tries to create closer ties with the people, the statement said.

The public should not deem the plate numbers as symbols of privilege as all the officials' cars have abided by traffic rules for the past six years, the statement added.

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