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Airlines to sue passengers for explosive hoax

Updated: 2014-03-20 02:55

KUNMING - The Kunming Airlines has decided to file a civil lawsuit against two passengers alleged of giving a hoax explosive alert, said a company spokesperson on Wednesday.

While the flight KY8285 was about to set off on Monday night from Kunming, capital city of Southwestern China's Yunnan province, for Guangzhou, capital of the southern province of Guangdong, one passenger whispered a warning to a steward that explosives had been carried on board.

The airlines therefore put all passengers through a second security check before transferring them to another flight.

Airport police later confirmed it was a hoax bomb alert.

The menacing passenger and a fellow traveler of this person are being investigated, police said, without giving details.

Dozens of passengers have lodged complaints over the flight delay and inquired about the processing of the occurrence, according to the Kunming Airlines.

Although no airlines have sued any suspect alleged of purposely giving false bomb alerts before, Kunming Airlines said it would take the suspects to court as the economic losses inflicted were massive.

The company said it has started to prepare materials for the appeal.

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