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Religious leaders condemn terrorist attack in Kunming

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-03-05 21:55

KUNMING -- Religious leaders in Southwest China's Yunnan province on Wednesday condemned Saturday night's terrorist attack in the provincial capital of Kunming, which resulted in civilian casualties.

Ma Ligu, deputy dean of the Institute of Islamic Theology in Kunming, said Islam is a religion that opposes any kind of terror. The Prophet Muhammad said "the first cases to be adjudicated between people on the Day of Judgement will be those of bloodshed."

Ma said the terrorists' killing of defenseless civilians and incitement of horror in the hearts of people are detestable acts according to Islam and Muslims, and they have aroused anger among the 70,000 Muslims in the province.

The terrorists do not represent any ethnic group or religion. They have challenged minimum standards of civilized society and humans, according to Ma.

Master Chunfa, vice chairman of the provincial Buddhist Association, said that Theravada Buddhism strongly condemns the Kunming terrorist attack.

Jing Jiuwei, chief of the Yunnan Christian Council, said that religious doctrine promotes peace and harmony and is against terrorism and war.

"We support the government in fighting terrorism to protect civilians. We advocate distinguishing the terrorists from ethnicity and religion, as well as defusing hatred with love."

Liao Dongming, chairman of the Yunnan Daoist Association, condemned the terrorists' "slaughtering of innocent people, which is in defiance of nature and is a loss of one's humanity."

Yang Zexiong, vice president of the Yunnan Islamic Association, announced a statement to represent Yunnan religious circles.

"The acts of the terrorists completely deviate from religious doctrine. The slaughter of innocents contradicts the consensus of human beings. Their terror acts are against society, humanity, civilization and religion," the statement said.

"Only through striking terrorism with action and resolution can we comfort our fellow people," it said. "May the deceased rest in peace and we are praying for the injured."



Religious leaders condemn terrorist attack in Kunming
Religious leaders condemn terrorist attack in Kunming

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