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Chengdu to deepen reform in an all-round way

By Li Yu and Peng Chao in Chengdu ( Updated: 2014-02-28 17:58

CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee approved deepening the city's reform in an all-round way and laid out its plan for economic and social reform during the third plenary session of the twelfth municipal committee held on Feb 24 to 25.

The municipal committee formulated an overall strategy of reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading, and optimized its five strategies to boost the city's prosperity.

The city endeavors to build itself into an economic growth engine in western China and establish itself as a modern metropolis, local officials said.

To implement the overall strategy, Chengdu will push forward its transformation and upgrades in city space, industries, ecology, urban management and urban and rural management.

The city will also strive to make improvements in allocating resources, social governance, industrial upgrades, integration of urban and rural development and opening-up to the world.

According to the municipal committee, the optimized five strategies will focus on improving the transportation system, upgrading the industrial structure, bettering city infrastructure, balancing urban and rural development and opening up to the world in an all-round way.

To improve its transportation system, Chengdu will work to transform itself from a domestic transportation hub into an international regional transportation hub.

The city will provide policy support for industrial upgrades and encourage further development of private sectors of the economy.

Chengdu will improve its living environment, advance the infrastructure of eight satellite towns, and upgrade the urban layout of municipal areas.

To balance its urban and rural development, the city will strive to promote the integration of urban and rural planning, industrial development, infrastructure construction, public service and social management.

Moreover, the city will open its industries, market and cooperation to the outside world. It will strive to attract an increasing number of Fortune Global 500 companies, renowned transnational corporations and leading enterprises.

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