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China's smog suspended, not terminated

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-28 03:13

Worries last

The lingering smog has worried Beijingers, especially those who work outside.

A courier surnamed Zhang said, "People told me to stop work because the smog may be dangerous to my health, but I have to make a living."

Zhang said he was not fully aware of the potential risks caused by the smog, but that he did not feel uncomfortable by it.

Traffic police officer Zhang Lihui said, "I could tell there was no smog this morning. My nose was not blocked, so I knew it was a sunny day," Zhang said.

Zhang was among 7,000 traffic officers exposed to the choking air.

Smog, vehicle exhaust and cooking from restaurants mixed together made traffic officer Ren Yongjie feel ill and he worries about the smog returning.

He said officers were exposed to smog for eight or nine hours a day. "We are used to it, but some of my colleagues have respiratory diseases."

Beijing citizen Wu Xiaoyi said Thursday's clean air may not last.

"The forecast said the chance of smog is slim in the next seven days, but what about the week after the next seven days, or more?" he asked.

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