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Guangzhou closes fancy clubs in public parks

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-21 10:15

Guangzhou closes fancy clubs in public parks

High-end private clubs shut down in E China 

GUANGZHOU - Authorities in China's southern metropolis of Guangzhou have closed two high-end clubs in public parks and will close more, according to a government news conference on Thursday.

The move follows a similar action by the Beijing municipal government in January, seen as a way to curb officials' extravagance as private clubs are frequented by the rich and powerful.

Business at a red win bar in Pearl River Park and another club in Modiesha Park have been closed for their extravagant services, according to Mei Heqing, spokesman of Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Other high-end restaurants and clubs in public parks have been ordered to close their business when their leases end, said Mei.

The Guangzhou municipal government recently had a random inspection of 58 public parks in the downtown area and discovered that some restaurants in the parks were too extravagant and did not adapt to the functions of being public parks.

For those restaurants whose leases have not expired, they are asked to lower their prices so ordinary people can afford their services, Mei said.

There are 129 public parks in Guangzhou.

Authorities in Beijing in January ordered high-end clubs in public park grounds to close or downgrade to an acceptable level.

The move, led by the the Beijing disciplinary authority with support from landscape, cultural relics and park management government departments, targets "unhealthy practices in clubs" and has been incorporated into China's "mass-line" campaign to bridge the gap between CPC officials and members, and the general public.


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