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Left-behind children most at risk from sex abuse

By CANG WEI ( Updated: 2014-02-20 01:38

Children who live apart from their migrant worker parents represent the most vulnerable group of victims where sexual abuse is concerned, according to data provided by the procuratorate of Huaiyin district in Huai'an, Jiangsu province.

The data showed that prosecutors dealt with 14 cases involving 17 sex offenses on children in the district over three years.

According to Ren Huan, a worker with the district's procuratorate, many of the children abused were the offspring of migrant workers living with their grandparents. The grandparents were often living without offspring of their own at home and were busy with agricultural work, meaning they did not pay full attention to their grandchildren.

Most of the offenders were old men living in rural areas, with an average of 53, according to the procuratorate.

Most of the perpetrators had some existing relationship to the victims, either as teachers, neighbors or family members.

Some parents of the victims did not report to the police or cooperate with investigations due to concerns about their children's reputation, a fact that encouraged the offenders to commit further crimes, the procuratorate said.

Among the offenders arrested, some had abused children for years.

One offender, surnamed Wei, even took photographs as he abused a 3-year-old girl.

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