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Father donates brain dead son's organs

By Ma Lie ( Updated: 2014-02-19 16:47

A father in Jiashan county, Zhejiang province, donated the organs of his 12-year-old son to save others after the boy was diagnosed as brain dead following an accident, Qianjiang Evening News reported on Wednesday.

Tang Shengyin, the father, took his family to the county from their hometown in Yunnan province in 2010 to work as a migrant worker.

At about 2 pm on Feb 10, his youngest son Tang Mengxiong suffered serious head injuries when he was hit by a falling concrete pipe while playing outside with friends. He was quickly taken to a hospital.

Despite emergency treatment, the boy was diagnosed as brain dead and the father decided to donate his son's organs at the suggestion of doctors.

At 4:45 pm on Feb 17, the boy's heart stopped and his liver and kidneys were transplanted to two uremic patients and one patient with liver failure. His corneas will also help others in need.


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