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PLA soldiers 2 cm taller than 2 decades ago

( Updated: 2014-02-18 13:28

Chinese soldiers are now bigger and stronger than two decades ago, a recent research indicates.

The average height of Chinese army officials and soldiers has increased two centimeters while the average waistline has grown by five centimeters from 20 years ago, according to a research released by the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army.

The survey, which collected data including body size, muscle power and joint strength from more than 20,000 solders since 2009, will provide references for military equipment manufacturing and scientific medical research, said Ding Songtao, an official in charge of the data collecting.

For instance, the cockpit of a certain kind of tank, which was designed 30 years ago, needs to be enlarged for bigger drivers while the gunstocks of rifles should be extended for better support, Ding said.

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