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China FM reassures Kerry on Korean tensions

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-14 19:20

China FM reassures Kerry on Korean tensions

Chinese President meets US State secretary

China FM reassures Kerry on Korean tensions

Kerry's visit bodes well for China-US ties

BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday that China will never allow chaos or war on the Korean Peninsula, as tensions in the area featured high up the agenda of his Beijing talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"China is serious on this, as shown not only in our words but in our actions," Wang said.

Situated so close to the Korean Peninsula, China has major interests and concerns there, he noted.

The country has a consistent and clear stance to promote the denuclearization of the Peninsula, to maintain its peace and stability, and to solve the nuclear deadlock through peaceful dialogue and negotiation, according the the foreign minister.

The top priority at the moment is to grasp the opportunity and resume talks as soon as possible, Wang said.

He urged all parties involved to bear in mind the overall interests, be cautious with their words and deeds, show flexibility, do more to help ease the situation, and take concrete steps to create favorable conditions for the resumption of six-party talks.

These talks, which involve China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Russia and Japan, were launched in 2003 but stalled in December 2008.

Wang said the Korean nuclear issue should be brought into a sustainable, irreversible and effective dialogue track.

China will work with all parties concerned including the United States to play a constructive role for the region's peace and stability, he said.

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