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Wife stabs husband during argument over TV show

By Huang Zhiling ( Updated: 2014-02-11 22:01

A woman in Shehong county, Sichuan province, has been sentenced to three years in jail with a four-year reprieve for stabbing her husband during an argument over a TV show, according to a report in the news portal in Sichuan.

The woman, identified as Deng, caused serious abdominal injuries to her husband, Wang, requiring treatment in hospital.

The incident occurred as Deng and Wang were watching a television drama together. They disagreed over some of the characters in the program and began to argue.

Deng became very emotional and took a fruit knife from the coffee table, stabbing Wang in the belly.

During the trial in Shehong, a tearful Deng apologized for what she had done to her husband, who forgave her in the court. As a result of her remorse and the husband’s forgiveness, judges gave her a lenient sentence, said.

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