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Anti-corruption bureau chief suspended

By Liu Ce in Shenyang ( Updated: 2014-02-10 22:05

Liu Gang, chief of the anti-corruption bureau of Hongwei district in Liaoyang, Liaoning province, has been suspended from his duties and placed under investigation after accepting entertainment services paid for by a litigant at a night club, Liaoshen Evening News reported.

The local government said on Monday that they will release the results of the investigation to the public soon.

A secretly shot video showing Liu in a nightclub was circulated online and stirred up a heated discussion. Liu was suspended from work on Jan 28.

According to the local government, Liu's case was registered after a 10-day investigation and evidence collection. If criminal behavior is detected, Liu will be transferred to judicial organs.

According to the report, the informer who took the video refused to give more information when interviewed by the newspaper but said he had no choice but to share the video.

Liu Dawei, an associate law professor at Liaoning University, said: "It is good to see the local government take prompt and positive actions after the report. However, getting the video by tailing someone is not a proper and legal way to report a crime. It's better to follow legal judicial procedures."

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