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China reissues red alert for forest fire

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-03 09:13

BEIJING - China Forest Fire Management (CFFM) reissued a red alert to forest fire for the country's southern areas on Sunday.

CFFM set the level of forest fire alert at extremely dangerous for southern regions of Jiangxi, southeastern areas of Hunan, southwestern part of Fujian and Sichuan, northern Guangdong and northwestern Yunnan in the next two to three days.

In the meantime, northwestern regions of Beijing, northern areas of Hebei, southeastern part of Shanxi and western Fujian would be under highly-dangerous alert, according to CFFM.

Southwestern Sichuan and northwestern Yunnan would still be under the extremely-dangerous level after a cold front expected to sweep across China from Sunday to the next Tuesday.

CFFM issued a red alert on Wednesday. The alert represents the highest level before orange and yellow in China's weather warning system.

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