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CPC to curb surplus official appointments

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-01-26 17:22

BEIJING - The Organization Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will launch a special campaign to rule out appointment and promotion of officials beyond quota this year.

The move follows last year's campaign to tackle violations in the promotion of officials, said a statement issued by the department on Sunday to explain the Party's guidelines on selection and promotion of officials.

Carrying out the campaign is like waging one war after another against malpractice in official promotion, said the statement, adding that it will help to solve and correct problems that have aroused public discontent.

In the statement, the department vowed "zero tolerance" and severe punishment for violations in the selection and promotion of officials.

The department will also explore a mechanism to record the promotion and selection process and conduct real-time monitoring using network information technology to facilitate investigation and make it easier to hold officials accountable for misconduct, according to the statement.

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