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Venezuela-China ties a 'win-win': official

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-01-16 11:52

CARACAS -- Venezuela's strategic ties with China represent a "win-win" situation for both nations, Venezuelan Vice Finance Minister Gustavo Hernandez said Wednesday.

In an interview aired on state VTV, Hernandez said, "We are talking about the world's second power and this power has energy needs and we have the permanent need to develop and build infrastructure, that's why the relationship is a win-win situation."

Hernandez also highlighted China's offer of more than $40 billion dollars in financing to Venezuela, saying "it represents a positive new development for both countries."

Hernandez, who also heads the Development Bank of Venezuela (Bandes), said the financial cooperation took place within the framework of the Chinese-Venezuelan Fund, which to date has launched 226 projects.

The projects are part of the Venezuelan government's push to strengthen the country's infrastructure for social benefit, he said.

Among the main projects underway are the expansion and development of the national railway system, including the subway and transit networks, and the transfer of technology.

Hernandez dismissed suggestions that the South American nation "is mortgaged" to China, saying ties with the Asian giant have had positive effects on all aspects of the economy.

It's important to remember that China is the world's leading trade power, he said.

Meanwhile, Hernandez stressed that Bandes is the main stockholder in the nation's public banking system, and serves as a tool to promote small, medium and large-scale investment projects through the Chinese-Venezuelan Fund.

Bandes also has international presence, being the main stockholder in major regional development banks as well as banks in Ecuador, Nicaragua and China, he said.

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