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Advisors urged to promote ties with HK, Macao

By ZHENG CAIXIONG ( Updated: 2014-01-15 15:29

A top political advisor from Guangdong province urged members of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Consultative Conference to play an active role in promoting the "one country, two systems"policy in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions in 2014.

Zhu Mingguo, chairman of the committee, made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 2nd session of the province's 11th advisory body, which opened in Guangzhou on Tuesday.

"Political advisors from Hong Kong and Macao should contribute to ensuring the stability and prosperity of the two Chinese SARs,"Zhu said.

He promised his committee would provide even better service for the CPPCC members from Hong Kong and Macao to participate in the administration and discussion of the State's affairs this year.

Meanwhile, Zhu said his committee would try to promote greater involvement of overseas Chinese to help enhance cooperation and exchange between Guangdong and rest of the world.

The session will end on Saturday morning. It is the first time the annual session of the province's top political advisory body has been shortened to only four days.

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