A promised land of hope and prosperity


Increasingly, the Asia-Pacific has become a focal point for the world economy and international politics.

China refutes Japan's concern over maritime security


A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sunday rejected concerns raised by Japan on the so-called maritime security and China's maritime activities.

Trust 'key' to boosting Sino-ASEAN ties


There is an urgent need to build trust in the region, experts said.

Sustainable growth remains urgent task


Leaders of APEC members will meet in Bali, Indonesia on Monday, expectedly to work out effective strategies to lift the world economy out of its current downturn and put it back on a path of sound and sustainable growth.

TPP, RCEP, APEC to eventually converge


The different architecture of regional economic cooperation such as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and APEC should have complementarity and eventually converge, said a scholar on Southeast Asian Studies.

Rebuilding APEC consensus


Reviving the regional forum's role as a platform for economic integration is mandatory to deepen international cooperation

China still one of places for growth: US experts


China is still one of a few places that investors can expect for growth, US experts said at a seminar here on Thursday.

Why we should share power: Expert


Defense expert Hugh White says the US should co-operate with China and not try to confront them.

FTZ pilot area details to be delayed: Experts


The Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be officially launched later this month but investors may have to wait for another couple of months before detailed reform guidelines are released, according to experts close to the matter.


President Xi visits Indonesia, Malaysia, attend APEC summit

Oct 2 to 3: Pay State Visit to Indonesia

Oct 4 to 5: Pay State Visit to Malaysia

Oct 6 to 8: Attend the 21st economic leaders' meeting of APEC forum and meet with global leaders in Bali, Indonesia


China's growth to benefit the world

With the US in a declining mode, the world needs a steadier China.

Thoughts after hearing Xi's speech

I was very happy to see that Xi Jinping did focus on trade and on the importance of Asia Pacific trade being cooperative and inclusive.