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Xiaomi's latest smartphone gone in 86 seconds

[2013-10-16 07:05]

Xiaomi Corp has done it again - but this time even faster. All 100,000 units of its latest flagship smartphone, the Mi-3, sold out in 86 seconds.

UK advertising up almost 20% on mobile video

[2013-10-07 09:20]

Spending on Internet advertising in Britain jumped by nearly a fifth in the first half of 2013 to 3 billion pounds ($4.85 billion), lifted by mobile video ads and marketing on social media by brands cashing in on signs of economic recovery.

Leica seeks out younger customers

[2013-09-23 06:55]

Century-old German camera brand Leica, known for its 35-mm film camera and lenses, aims to attract younger customers by adding digital cameras into its product line.

Designing phones to suit older hands

[2013-09-22 09:27]

The Japanese electronics industry largely missed out on the smartphone revolution. Yet this summer, Fujitsu, announced plans for a new export push.

HTC eyes high-end market in China

[2013-09-18 09:29]

HTC Corp released its flagship Butterfly S smartphone on the Chinese mainland, hoping the high-end product will improve the company's brand image.

Folk artist makes pretty dough figurines

[2013-09-12 09:37]

Folk artist Song Chongxun makes dough figurines in Shantang Street, a scenic spot in Suzhou city, East China's Jiangsu province, Sept 10, 2013.

LG offers 1st curved TV to China market

[2013-09-13 21:19]

LG Corp introduced the world's first curved OLED televisions to the Chinese market on Friday, securing the company's position as a leading TV manufacturer in China.

Colorful iPhone, not attractive enough?

[2013-09-11 17:24]

After months of speculation and leaked information, Apple announced the release date and the pricing of two new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.
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China Unicom, Telecom to sell latest iPhone

[2013-09-06 15:19]

Chinese telecom carriers China Unicom and China Telecom will carry Apple Inc's newest iPhone models within days of their launch in Beijing next week.

China develops high-speed helicopters

[2013-09-05 16:17]

China is developing helicopters with the ability to fly at speeds twice the current average, the president of China's major aircraft maker said on Thursday.
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Courier tests delivery with robotic drones

[2013-09-03 16:37]

SF Express, one of the largest couriers in China, is testing delivering parcels with robotic drones, and it has been developed in house.

WeChat users under scrutiny

[2013-08-28 00:46]

China's crackdown on online rumors has reached WeChat, with police saying it is illegal to spread rumors on the popular mobile messaging service.

How good is 4G

[2013-08-30 15:10]

4G network will allow you to access social media, entertainment and information on the go faster and easier.

Smartphone boom a 'rose with thorns'

[2013-08-21 16:12]

The increasing popularity of smartphones in China has spurred new concerns about the potential impact of addiction.

Chinese WeChat goes abroad

[2013-07-30 09:32]

Competition in the text messaging market is heating up. One program, carving out a bigger share of the market, is WeChat owned by Tencent.

WeChat teams up with China Unicom

[2013-07-31 07:22]

Tencent on Tuesday joined hands with China Unicom to launch the nation's first subscriber identification module card customized for WeChat.

Panguso, Jike 'plan to merge'

[2013-08-02 07:51]

Two Chinese search engines, and, both backed by major national media organizations, will merge in the near future.

CEO Tim Cook in Beijing?

[2013-07-31 07:22]

Apple Inc's Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook was in Beijing again on Tuesday, according to some Chinese websites.

WeChat striving for global expansion

[2013-08-05 13:53]

WeChat's fun features coupled with Tencent's strong marketing skills have made the app popular across different markets and helped its popularity soar.

Tencent moves money online through WeChat

[2013-08-07 07:16]

The battle between China's Internet titans intensified as Tencent started allowing its WeChat users to make online payments on Monday.