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NXP taps to foster China's semiconductor usage market

By Liu Zheng ( Updated: 2016-03-30 12:15

Smart home

Also in March, Chinese appliance maker Haier launched a robot named "Ubot" at its "U + wisdom of life 2.0 strategy" conference. The processor solution of the robot is provided by NXP.

With five awareness, including listening, speaking, smelling, perceiving and moving, the robot is able to be a housekeeper, security, family care companion, life assistant and other multiple identities.

According to Zheng, the traditional way, which are reshaping the home appliances with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected functions, are not fully recognized by customers as "smart home" devices. The smart home appliance "should be transformed as a terminal that is backed by cloud computing services", and the company has co-worked with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp to produce the second generation "Smart Home Gateway" to provide more intelligent service to customers.

"Understanding our customer in terms of the pain points they are experiencing and seeking the weakness that exist in the industry are some of our main goals when doing collaborations with the other enterprises in the supply chain," said Zheng. In a country that reserves incomplete industry chain, "We are keen on stepping forward to the downstream of the industry chain to explore demands from customers."

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