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Hyundai expanding Chinese dealerships

[2015-03-29 10:36]

Hyundai announced it will increase its dealerships in China to 1,000 by the end of this year and build its fourth and fifth plants in the country in the next two years.

BAIC and LeTV embrace 'Internet Plus'

[2015-03-24 17:13]

BAIC Motor and Le Holdings Co signed an agreement to jointly build the first internet vehicle on March 23.

Geely delivers GC9 to become part of Beijing diplomatic fleet

[2015-03-23 08:00]

Geely Holding Group has delivered its first batch of 20 GC9 sedans to the Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions, for which a handover ceremony was held in Beijing on Friday.

More cars auctioned off from official fleet

[2015-03-23 08:00]

Another 115 cars from China's central government were auctioned off on March 21, part of its ongoing campaign to reform its fleet of official vehicles.

Yongche avoids discussing possible merger

[2015-03-23 08:00]

The Chinese Internet car-sharing company Yongche Inc announced it welcomes cooperation but there is no need to speak about a merger, in response to reports about a deal with Uber Inc.

BMW to strengthen localization in China

[2015-03-23 08:00]

German premium carmaker BMW AG plans to further its localization in China, as part of efforts to maintain its lead in the world's luxury auto industry.

Innovation vital to solve urbanization challenges

[2015-03-23 07:49]

Innovation will help China better tackle the traffic and environmental challenges emerging in its urbanization drive, industry leaders said at the ongoing China Development Forum.

Infiniti's hybrid SUVs star at top forum

[2015-03-23 07:49]

New-energy vehicles are transporting participants of China's first top-level economic forum after the annual "Two Sessions" concluded on March 15 in Beijing.

Ford on track with accelerated China growth plan

[2015-03-23 07:48]

Ford Motor Company, the only major US automaker that didn't receive a government bailout in 2009, has proved its products' popularity in the world's largest growth auto market.

BMW leads the auto industry in new-energy vehicles

[2015-03-16 11:31]

With its global influence on branding and position as an industry leader, German premium car manufacturer BMW Group plays a key role in China's promising new-energy vehicle market.

Changan's first electric car EADO EV set to hit the road

[2015-03-16 11:31]

Changan Automobile hopes to become one of the top new-energy vehicle producers in China by 2025, with aims to make 34 models and sell 2 million electric cars.

Infiniti uses emotional approach to rival top luxury armakers

[2015-03-16 10:14]

Premium carmaker Infiniti has ambitious plans to boost its share of the Chinese luxury car market by pushing its locally made models and branding campaign.

Audi refocuses its priority to accommodate 'new normal'

[2015-03-16 10:13]

Audi AG is shifting its top priority from sales volume to delivering higher quality and more environmentally friendly products in China.

Car-on-demand services in driving seat

[2015-03-16 09:40]

Taxi shortage is a main reason behind the thriving "supplement market" while industry regulatory may become the biggest risk.

Top 10 largest new international plants in China

[2015-03-13 07:03]

More international giants expand their production base in the country last year

Tesla Motors to reduce headcount in China

[2015-03-10 13:26]

High-end electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc said it is cutting jobs in China under a restructuring plan launched earlier this year.

'Sharing economy' makes inroads into car industry

[2015-03-10 07:44]

Companies need to consider how car sharing can complement traditional ownership, and leisure travel, business travel and ban day replacement are all examples of this.

Future looks bright for electric cars in China

[2015-03-10 07:42]

The future looks bright for electric cars in China amid rapidly fluctuating gasoline prices and huge investments by the government to promote use of clean energy.

Skoda plans independent brand image in China

[2015-03-09 07:55]

Skoda Auto expects to establish a more independent brand image in China as the Czech marque gains in popularity in the world's largest auto market.

Carmakers to upgrade for less exhaust pollution

[2015-03-06 17:34]

Last week Guangdong province upgraded its emission standards in the provincial capital Guangzhou and eight adjacent cities for light vehicles to the National V.