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Tesla CEO to discuss cooperation with Sinopec

[2014-04-15 17:29]

Tesla Motor Inc's CEO Elon Musk will meet with China's largest refiner Sinopec Group to discuss possible cooperation on building charging units during his visit to the country next week.

FAW-VW Chengdu base produces millionth vehicle

[2014-04-15 15:51]

The gross output of finished automobiles in FAW-Volkswagen's Chengdu base hit 1 million units as an all-new Jetta rolled off the assembly line on Tuesday morning.

African success revs for auto firm

[2014-04-15 07:15]

The brand FAW may not ring a bell with most people outside China, but it certainly strikes a chord on South African roads.

Passion for SUVs powering market

[2014-04-14 07:12]

China's love affair with the SUV will continue this year, according to projections from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

BMW line-up at 2014 Beijing auto show

[2014-04-10 10:15]

BMW is using this year's Beijing International Automotive Exhibition from 20 to 29 April 2014 to present an array of compelling production models.

Beiqi Foton's new heavy-duty truck makes global

[2014-04-09 15:29]

Chinese automaker Beiqi Foton introduced its new Foton GTL Truck to the world market here Tuesday.

Audi may keep adding output in Q2

[2014-04-08 11:23]

Audi said it may further increase production in its home market after adding shifts on strong demand for premium cars from China and Europe.

Tianneng storing hope in batteries

[2014-04-04 11:19]

Fires in vehicles and the high price of energy storage technology have hampered the market for batteries powering electric vehicles.

VW to build plug-in hybrid cars in China

[2014-04-04 10:16]

Volkswagen plans to make plug-in cars in China seeing a big potential market as the country's leaders fight hazardous levels of air pollution with measures.

Japanese car firms face rocky sales road

[2014-04-04 09:07]

Conditions have improved in China for Japanese vehicle producers, which saw their sales slump amid the Diaoyu Islands dispute in 2012. But the Japanese companies are still facing tough challenges in regaining market share.

Opel quits Chinese mainland market

[2014-04-02 15:47]

One of the world's biggest automobile brand has announced its decision to withdraw from the Chinese mainland market.

Rush for cars in Nanjing

[2014-04-01 10:06]

Car retailers in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu province, have seen twice the usual number of customers preparing for a possible quota on license plates.

Local production by Chery Jaguar Land Rover this year

[2014-03-31 16:33]

Production of vehicles by Chery Jaguar Land Rover is set to start in the fourth quarter of the year.

Car lovers test their need for speed in BMW Mission 3

[2014-03-31 15:46]

BMW fans across the country can get their adrenalin fix after the brand launched its annual driving competition, Mission 3, on March 27.

'Dynamic' Skoda looks to bright future

[2014-03-31 15:33]

Dynamic and emotional, that's what Winfried Vahland, chairman of Skoda Auto, wants to deliver to Chinese consumers of the brand.

Chengdu hosts Challenge Bibendum

[2014-03-31 14:45]

The 12th Michelin Challenge Bibendum will be held in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, from Nov 11 to 15.

Daimler, BAIC earmark 1b euros to expand China capacity

[2014-03-31 09:35]

Daimler and Beijing Automotive Industry Corp have earmarked 1 billion euros of a 4 billion-euro China investment plan to more than double car production at their joint venture.

Top 10 Chinese car maker moves

[2014-03-31 07:52]

Chinese car makers and internationl brands' joint ventures are continuing to expand in the country and the world through increased investments.

Customized financing plans free car owners from worries

[2014-03-29 11:20]

Volkswagen Finance China Co is set to launch its first customized loan plan in China this year, aiming to relieve owners from troubles.

VW partners with SAIC, FAW for new energy cars

[2014-03-29 07:34]

German automaker Volkswagen AG signed joint declarations with its Chinese partners to develop and begin production of new-energy vehicles in its largest market from 2016.