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Jaguar Land Rover builds an excellent image

[2014-11-24 11:04]

Jaguar Land Rover was awarded the China Reputation Award for 2015, based on the analysis of thousands of reports from major print, TV and online media.

Guangzhou auto show sets records

[2014-11-24 10:11]

The ongoing annual Guangzhou auto show shows its power in the south with record-high 1,095 models on display and 56 world premieres.

FCA and GAC announce major developments in JV

[2014-11-21 18:28]

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) and Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd (GAC) announced a preliminary agreement that would expand cooperation and further strengthen the GAC Fiat joint venture.

Xiangyang facility retooled and refined for premium quality

[2014-11-19 11:07]

The Xiangyang plant in Hubei province shoulders the production mission for the Q50L, Infiniti's first China-made long-wheelbase sports luxury sedan.

Infiniti's luster: Local production of top luxury

[2014-11-19 10:50]

Infiniti announced to produce Q50L at the plant in 2012 and an investment of 600 million yuan has been spent in upgrading original equipment and adding world-leading high-tech facilities.

Automakers adapt to China's declining luxury car market

[2014-11-19 07:56]

Localising operations in China could help luxury operators target fast responses to changing market trends and help them avoid heavy import duties.

Volvo's latest auto architecture set for Daqing

[2014-11-17 14:13]

Volvo Car Corp announced it will soon introduce its latest modular platform at its Daqing plant, part of an $11 billion multi-year research and development program.

VW unveils advanced gearbox plant in Tianjin

[2014-11-17 14:13]

Volkswagen AG unveiled a new transmission plant in Tianjin in North China in early November as part of its plan to make highly efficient cars for the world's largest auto market.

New Bosch service network as market and autos mature

[2014-11-17 11:08]

Iconic German auto tech and service company Bosch has started a franchise system for its maintenance services, offering the same top standard of quality across the country.

Sales of cars go online, but shops close the deal

[2014-11-17 11:07]

Online shopping is now a way of life for millions in China and they are buying ever-larger and more expensive items - sometimes even cars.

Electric rental fleet to promote public service car reform

[2014-11-11 09:59]

BMW Brilliance delivered 20 ZINORO 1E electric cars to the Ring-Do Car Renting Center of Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions on Nov 5.

Infiniti to push the new energy pedal

[2014-11-10 09:26]

China's growing demand for high-end automobiles will provide the perfect highway for Infiniti to race at full throttle, said Daniel Kirchert, president of Dongfeng Infiniti Motor Co Ltd and managing director of Infiniti China.

Changan Ford commissions 3rd China plant

[2014-11-06 09:52]

Changan Ford, a passenger car joint venture between Ford and Chinese State-owned carmaker Changan Automobile, has put its third passenger car plant in China into operation.

Volkswagen opens automobile parts plant in Tianjin

[2014-11-05 10:30]

A Volkswagen solely invested automobile parts plant opened in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin on Tuesday.

Beijing launches car-carrying trains for self-driving tourists in APEC vacation

[2014-11-05 08:34]

The Beijing Railway Bureau opened several special train routes for self-driving tourists during the vacation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings.

Daimler AG opens R&D center in Beijing

[2014-11-04 15:48]

Daimler AG has opened a research and development center in Beijing on Monday, tasked with further tuning its Mercedes-Benz brand to wealthy Chinese tastes.

Yinlong betting big on electric future

[2014-11-03 14:53]

The acquisition of US battery company Altair Nanotechnologies Inc in 2011 has proved a valuable investment for Zhuhai Yinlong Energy Co.

New-energy vehicles in the spotlight at Shanghai show

[2014-11-03 14:22]

New-energy vehicles were a highlight of the 2014 China International Auto Products Expo, according to a report released by the organizer.

E-cars: Market in seach of a jolt

[2014-11-03 14:20]

Some might question the sanity of giving up a license plate in Beijing - yet the majority of winners in a special lottery for electric vehicle licenses have done exactly that.

VW's high hopes for new energy

[2014-11-03 13:13]

German automaker Volkswagen AG is opening up the world of electric cars to Chinese customers, after it announced an aggressive e-revolution plan.