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Top 10 new economy issues in China

By Zhu Lingqing ( Updated: 2016-07-14 07:16

4. New business model: Consumer to Business (C2B)

Top 10 new economy issues in China

A worker at, China's first C2B electronic products bidding recycling platform, shows a customer how to use the machine at the company's recycling point at a mall in Beijing, February 29, 2016. [Photo/IC]

Today's internet, cloud computing and big data are constructing a set of brand new business systems, and a new C2B business model is emerging.

While China's most traditional companies are still struggling offline and most online companies are at the destocking stage, some companies that have already tried C2B are demonstrating totally different management models and company performances.

The C2B model is growing in a large-scale.

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