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Shanghai to host national online gaming carnival

By Ma Si ( Updated: 2016-05-16 14:00

A national-level online sports carnival will be held from November 26 to 28 in Shanghai as gaming has become one of the most popular entertainment activities among young people across China.

The carnival, to be hosted by General Administration of Sport, China's top sports regulator, will include two national competitions, an exhibition showcasing how virtual reality googles are used in electric sports and a slate of forums to talk about the development of the booming industry.

Li Guihua, deputy director of Sports Information Center at General Administration of Sport, said on Sunday the carnival is part of China's broad efforts to promote electric sports.

"In addition to professional competitions, we need to rely on more diversified forms such as carnival to help the public know better about electric sports," Li said.

According to Beijing-based internet consultancy Analysys International, an estimated 120 million Chinese love online games such as The League of Legends and Dota 2 and the number is expected to rise this year.

Stimulated by the growing base of game lovers, video games, as a spectator sport, are also gaining in popularity with every passing month.

Zhang Yunfan, president of Perfect World, a major gaming company in China, said online sports industry is evolving from a niche market to a mass market in China.

Investors are pouring money into the industry, which adds fuel to consumers' enthusiasm, he said.

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