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International Seminar on Jointly Addressing Challenges to Humanitarian Aid held in Beijing

( Updated: 2015-10-22 17:00
International Seminar on Jointly Addressing Challenges to Humanitarian Aid held in Beijing

Address by Zhao Baige, Member of NPC Standing Committee, Vice-Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of NPC and Chair of the Advisory Committee of CASS-RDI. [Photo provided to]

Zhao Baige pointed out that the international and regional situations are currently undergoing unprecedentedly complex changes, with humanitarian crises and conflicts increasing markedly and international humanitarian and development affairs becoming key topics in the new international governance system and international politics and security agendas. In face of the challenges from international security and conflict situations in the next decade, the international humanitarian forces are experiencing reorganization and multi-polarization process, leading further to the consensus on multi-foundations and cooperation on a win-win basis. This has resulted in the increase of the mutual needs for different countries and hence the abnormally active and complex interactions between countries. The humanitarian actions go across politics, races, religions and ideologies. In recent years, China has accumulated noteworthy experience and a good reputation in the field of humanitarian issues by actively shouldering its responsibilities. As a prime platform for China to carry out international humanitarian research and cooperation, CASS-RDI is devoted to strengthening high-level exchanges on humanitarian and development aid, training and conserving human resources, think tank construction and promoting exchanges amongst specialized researches on key areas, thus pushing ahead the strategic mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation in the international community.

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