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China's high-speed railway technology reaches high level

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-10-22 10:06

ANKARA - China's high-speed railway construction technology has reached a very high level and it would be beneficial if China shares it with other countries, a senior Turkish railway engineer has said.

"High-speed trains are operating on the line and we are very grateful. Because during the construction process we worked on very hard territory, the line was built with multi-tunnels and viaducts on mountainous areas," said Mustafa Babal, engineering supervisor of the Ankara-Istanbul Project which was completed by two Chinese companies in July 2014.

Turkey is planning to increase the speed of Ankara-Istanbul line to 350 km per hour and the two sides are making preparations, he said.

Babal said Turkey has a huge plan to build high-speed railways and Chinese companies can deliver good projects together with Turkish companies.

The construction of the Ankara-Sivas-Kars (Turkey)-Tbilisi (Georgia) line to connect Turkey and Georgia is under way. This line will shorten the existing railway line from Beijing to Turkey, then to Europe.

This route is important especially for cargo transportation. "When the projects are completed, then we would talk about a politically important route which constitutes a connection between Asia and Europe or Beijing and London. It will be a significant project for the world," Babal said.

"Turkey has also gained experience in this area," he said.

Babal advised Chinese companies to be more open to the Western world. "Turkey is a part of Europe and the gate of Europe. China could follow a Turkish centered investment policy towards Europe and Africa," he said.

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