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Li proposes 'common community for Asia'

By Zheng Yangpeng ( Updated: 2014-04-10 12:09

Li proposes 'common community for Asia'
All set for Boao Forum

Li proposes 'common community for Asia'
Chinese economy sees stable, good start: premier

Premier Li Keqiang called for a "common community for Asia based on shared interests" at Thursday's Boao Forum for Asia 2014.

Such a community would allow members to obtain multiple interests through cooperation and integration, he said.

"Under the context of globalization, it is impossible for any Asian nation to develop itself alone. It can't be a 'zero-sum' game either. Instead, the scenario should be that everyone has a stake in each other's development, in which one plus one should be more than two," he said.

Li said although in the past 10 years or so, intra-regional trade in Asia has soared from $1 to $3 trillion and now accounts for 50 percent of the region's total trade, up from 30 percent, the integration level is far behind that of the European Union.

"Regional economic integration is where the common interest for Asian nations lies. We should together promote trade facilitation and investment liberalization," he said.




Li proposes 'common community for Asia' Li proposes 'common community for Asia'

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