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Guangzhou to release low-altitude aeronautical chart

Updated: 2013-12-05 17:01

Guangzhou will soon release its low-altitude aeronautical chart to the public, the latest move in opening China's low-altitude skies.

Ke Yubao, secretary-general of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China, said the Civil Aviation Administration of China plans to release the low-altitude aeronautical chart of Guangzhou to the public, but did not give a timeline. The chart will make it easier for operators of private planes to submit their flight plans to authorities.

Guangzhou is one of the three regions selected to pilot reforms of the management system of low-altitude flights. Ke said the drafting of the Guangzhou chart has finished, and other areas may follow if the trial in Guangzhou proves successful.

China previously pledged to fully open its aerospace of less than 1 kilometer in altitude for general aviation by 2015.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the People's Liberation Army jointly released regulations on Nov 18 concerning general aviation.

Under the regulations, general aviation flights that do not affect national security will be subject to approval by the CAAC, not the military. In some cases, operators will only need to file a flight plan rather than seek specific approval.

China had more than 1,900 registered private aircraft pilots at the end of 2012, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China.