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Xi Jinping urges deepening reform

Updated: 2013-11-06 10:19
( Xinhua)

CHANGSHA -- Chinese President Xi Jinping, in an inspection tour to central China, has called for deepening of the reform and opening-up drive and implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, so as to achieve the economic and social development targets this year.

Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, took the inspection tour to central China's Hunan Province from Nov 3 to Nov 5.

During the tour, Xi stressed confidence and hardworking, and urged governments at all levels to stick to the policy tone of seeking steady progress and to continue their efforts to stabilize growth, adjust structure, promote reform and improve people's livelihood.

Xi also demanded governments at all levels to speed up transformation of China's economic growth pattern and the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, maintain current economic growth momentum and strive to achieve this year's economic and social development targets.

On Sunday, Xi visited Fenghuang County, Jishou City and Huayuan County in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture in western Hunan, a traditionally poor region.

In Fenghuang, Xi visited farmland of grapefruits and oranges, and learnt about efforts taken to shake off poverty through industry development. In Jishou, he inspected the Aizhai suspension bridge, the world's highest of its kind. In Huayuan, he visited a farmer's family.

He said difficulties were found in rural areas, especially poverty-stricken rural areas. Governments at all levels should pay more attention on poverty reduction.

Xi said it was important for poverty-hit areas to improve their transportation conditions and infrastructures in order to shake off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity. Governments at all levels should increase support in this regard.

Xi said he felt a strong responsibility for the fact that some people in western Hunan were still living a hard life. Development is the general method to eliminate poverty, and governments in poverty-hit regions should suit their measures to different conditions and help locals find out ways to shake off poverty, he said.

He also demanded local authorities to properly manage rural compulsory education, enabling the next generation to master more knowledge and skills.

On Monday, the president visited Lens Technology and Wasion Group, both based in Hunan's capital city Changsha.

Xi pointed out that transformation of the economic growth pattern should focus on improving the structure of industries and resolving the problem of overcapacity. He urged Chinese enterprises to seize the opportunities arising from the science and technology revolution.

Xi also visited Central South University, a technology research center and a state laboratory. He said the fundamental approach to breaking up the bottleneck restriction on China's economic development was through innovation and technology.

Xi also gave directions to the leadership of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan provincial government after listening to their work report.

According to Xi, transformation of the economic growth pattern and structural adjustment are hurdles which China has to overcome in its development. China needs to keep the economy growing within a reasonable pace, so as not to put strain on resources, capital and the market, he said.

"Governments at all levels should pursue solid and real GDP, and strive for efficient, quality and sustainable economic development," he added.