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Airbus unveils 'Smarter Skies' to aspiring pilots

Updated: 2013-10-18 22:07
By Li Yu and Lai Li in Chengdu (

Airbus has unveiled its "Smarter Skies" ideas and vision for future flights in 2050 and beyond to students at the Civil Aviation Flight University of China in Guanghan, in southwestern China's Sichuan province.

"Our latest future by Airbus ‘Smarter Skies' concepts focus not only on what we fly but also on how we fly. Only by combining smarter aircraft design and optimization of the environment in which the aircraft operates can we achieve a sustainable long-term growth in civil aviation," said Tore Prang, Airbus vice-president of communications strategy and strategic programs.

Large aircraft can help reduce air traffic and airport congestion. "Smarter Skies" also looks at manufacturing and how the aircraft is operated both on the ground and in the air to help meet the expected growth in air travel in a sustainable way.

Limited airspace, saturated airports and a shortage of pilots are three major bottlenecks for aviation growth, especially in fast growing markets such as China. In an effort to relieve these constraints, Airbus, together with the Chinese civil aviation authorities, airlines and universities, is working to implement the latest air traffic management technologies, enhance pilot training through its training center in Beijing and in cooperation with Chinese education institutions.

"The future of sustainable aviation growth is the sum of many parts. Success will require collaboration among all the parties who are passionate about ensuring a successful prospect for aviation," said Prang.