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China to promote water resources investment

Updated: 2012-08-24 16:19
By Ye Yiwen (

The Ministry of Water Resources will develop policies to support companies that invest in water conservancy construction projects in the next 10 years, a ministry official said on Thursday.

Water resources have few investment channels today, and require additional funding.

Support for investment and financial companies is essential to develop China's water conservancy construction sector, said Zhou Xuewen, the top planner in the ministry.

The number of water resources investment companies nationwide is still small. Most of the companies are new, lacking the ability to finance projects and the operational experience, said Zhou.

The ministry will help the companies to expand the scale of financing and upgrade their investment and financial operational models. It will also develop more favorable policies for investment projects, subsidizing the interest payment of loans and encouraging some companies to go public and issue securities.


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