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Global CEO conference to be held in Shanghai

Updated: 2012-08-16 22:00
By He Wei (

The 2012 Global CEO Conference, organized by the United Nations, will be held in Shanghai on October 30, a senior UN officer told a press conference on Aug 16.

The conference, the second of its kind since 2011, aims to promote cooperation between emerging economies and the rest of the world in the economic and technological fields, said Edward Clarence-Smith, representative of the China office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

"We want this annual conference to provide a high-end platform for government decision-makers and CEOs from around the globe to communicate, interact, share ideas and agree to cooperate," Clarence-Smith said.

The two organizers — UNIDO and the United Nations South-South Cooperation Development Center — are said to have the resources, the expertise and the international networks to satisfy the needs of emerging economies.

Last year, some 2,000 CEOs from developed countries and emerging economies participated in the first Global CEO conference and signed the BRICS New Industry Cooperation Deal.?