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Start-up sees opportunity in electric lithium batteries

[2012-03-08 09:35]

The Australian lithium start-up Galaxy Resources Ltd plans to invest in the production of batteries for electric bicycles in the Chinese market.

China to open green materials lab

[2012-02-27 13:36]

The State Key Lab of Green Building Materials is to be opened in Beijing on Feb 28. The lab will be used for basic theory study of the application of green building materials.

Renewable energy riding high

[2012-02-25 10:29]

US renewable energy company LP Amina LLC is working with coal-fired plants in China to reduce carbon emissions.

New-energy firm to invest $100m in US

[2012-02-22 10:34]

After a year largely spent in the United States developing products that use new sources of energy, Wanxiang America said it is looking toward making a large investment.

Goldwind to build Chilean wind farm

[2012-02-21 15:45]

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd, a leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, is set to develop a 70-megawatt (mw) wind farm in Chile, the company announced Tuesday in Beijing.

China, US firms sign biofuel deal

[2012-02-18 13:50]

China's biggest egg producer said Friday it will cooperate with a major US meat supplier to establish a biofuel company in the United States with a total investment of $1.8 billion.

Wind tower row may hurt Chinese firms

[2012-01-21 09:02]

Chinese wind-tower manufacturers pledged on Friday to actively challenge a US investigation that could lead to crippling import duties on more than $100 million worth of wind-energy towers from China and Vietnam.

ITT sees opportunities in clean vehicles

[2012-01-14 09:33]

ITT Corp, the US engineering and manufacturing company, sees potential business opportunities in China's policies for the development of electric vehicles.

Huaneng moves ahead on Shandong nuclear plant

[2012-01-12 10:00]

China Huaneng Group said on Wednesday that it will strive to get its proposed Shidaowan nuclear plant included on the national planning list this year as it continues site selection for other new nuclear facilities.

German company Knauf exploits 'green' aspiration

[2012-01-09 14:40]

Following the call for a "greener" community in China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), "sustainable architecture" has become the latest fashion.

German company Knauf exploits 'green' aspiration

[2012-01-09 14:40]

Following the call for a "greener" community in China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), "sustainable architecture" has become the latest fashion.

LDK Solar plans to buy Sunways

[2012-01-04 09:57]

LDK Solar Co's plan to buy Germany's Sunways AG provides China's second-largest solar-panel maker access to new technology and a distribution network in the world's biggest photovoltaics market. 

China Guangdong Nuclear revives Kalahari takeover talks

[2011-11-11 09:30]

Kalahari Minerals PLC said it is in talks about a takeover by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co for a cash offer that is 10 percent below a price the companies agreed in May.

Thermo Fisher accelerates expansion in China

[2011-10-17 14:47]

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, the world's highest selling scientific instrument company, is to accelerate its localization in China.

Sinohydro to raise $2.7b in share sale

[2011-09-20 11:33]

Sinohydro Group Ltd will start selling shares next week in what could be the mainland's biggest IPO in more than a year.

Low-carbon growth in vision

[2011-09-15 13:48]

Government incentives are important to pave a low-carbon road to economic growth, but green companies are the main players and also benefit receivers.

Gamesa to sail into a prosperous future

[2011-09-07 07:41]

Gamesa Corp Tecnologica SA, a leading Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, plans to invest 90 million euros by 2012 in China.

Sinohydro bidding for Ecuador power deal

[2011-09-02 11:33]

Sinohydro Corp Ltd is bidding for a $200 million hydropower station in Ecuador, participating in the South American country's drive to develop clean technologies, said Ding Zhengguo, assistant president of the group.

China PV firm sets IPO price at 50 times earnings

[2011-08-29 16:58]

Chinese photovoltaic equipment maker Beijing Jingyuntong Technology has set an initial public offering price at 50 times its historic earnings, boosted by demand from the country's push for solar energy, Reuters reported.

Hawtai's diesel cars inching ahead

[2011-08-26 15:53]

When the public doesn't buy into the superiority of diesel-powered cars, the so-called "green cars" can become a hot potato for automakers.