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New international efforts to fight corruption

By Li Yang ( Updated: 2014-11-11 08:09

The 26th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation minister-level conference in Beijing passed an anti-corruption declaration last week. The declaration is the collective wisdom of all APEC members, according to the declaration's drafters. The APEC members will strengthen collaboration to capture corrupt officials in exile and get graft money back, says an article in the Southern Metropolis Daily. Here are some excerpts:

The declaration clarifies the specific paths for international anti-graft cooperation, and attaches great importance to extradition and judicial assistance. The APEC members agree to take more flexible measures, under the legal framework, to take back the illegal income of officials guilty of graft. (Note: I believe this is the correct way to say this, but let me know if it's not)

It is noteworthy that the declaration proposed the establishment of an APEC anti-corruption law enforcement collaboration net, and set up a secretariat in charge of its operation.

 That the United States, Australia and Canada,the three most popular destinations for corrupt officials, also signed the agreement gives APEC members huge room to cooperate in the fight against corruption.

APEC members should pay more attention to taking preventative measures to start investigations on suspected corrupt officials before those officials have a chance to flee.

Actively joining in the international anti-graft collaboration will be an important part of China's anti-corruption campaigns in the future.

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