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Why do Chinese choose 'weird' English names?

( Updated: 2014-10-29 08:15

lexalee (US)

There was one fellow who seemed to be indifferent about everything in class except for his English name. He went from Elvis to Sean to Demon and was pretty surprised when I told him what the last one meant. A few girls chose the side of good instead of evil and went for Angel. Names of fruit are also commonly chosen by girls. I had at least two Apples, one Lemon (a car that is a lemon means it's no good), and one Strawberry (slang for prostitute, really). There were Winstons and even a Roosevelt - very ambitious of any parents to name their sons after those famous men. But I'm afraid these Chinese boys were nowhere in the league of Winston Churchill or Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt.

Why do Chinese choose 'weird' English names?

Mads Madsen, a Danish artist and full-time English and history student, has perfected the art of adding colour to old black and white portraits - bringing history vividly to life. Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant and Ernest Hemingway have all gotten the color treatment.

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