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Women obsessed with pale skin?

( Updated: 2014-08-06 08:08

Editor's note: In China, some women will do just about anything to keep their skin fair. What do you think about the women's obsession with white skin? Forum readers from around the world share their views. Comments are also welcome.

Johnny (Australia)

On a visit to China we noticed several ladies who had their faces covered. When we asked the tour guide he was not sure why but assumed it was because Chinese ladies do not like their skin exposed to sunlight. Tanning of the face would give the impression that they worked in lowly positions and they worried that they would be seen as farm laborers. Light skin colors looked more beautiful to them.

Women obsessed with pale skin?

Pedestrians shield themselves with an umbrella from the scorching sun on a street in Shanghai, China, 28 July 2013.[Photo/IC]

Women obsessed with pale skin? Women obsessed with pale skin?
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