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Eradicate poverty

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-18 08:07

China has made the greatest contribution to human rights by lifting a large population out of poverty. The country is committed to eradicating poverty through strategic development, said People's Daily, citing Augustus Soto, chairman of China Dialogue project at ESADE Business School.

Since the launch of reform and opening-up in 1978, China has significantly reduced poverty. Not only have the eastern coastal areas achieved extraordinary economic progress but the interior has substantially alleviated poverty.

Poverty, which entails hunger, poor healthcare, limited personal development opportunities and low life expectancy, is the worst threat to human rights. With the new Silk Road economic belt in the western areas and the Maritime Silk Road under way, China is bound to eradicate poverty completely in the near future.

China has lifted millions of people out of poverty all on its own. It has maintained fast growth while building a modern society. The world should be optimistic about its future development.

The definition of human rights by Western standards is narrow and distorted. Often Western countries equate human rights with individualism and selfishness. In recent years, the social turmoil that broke out in northern Africa, Ukraine and Thailand was manipulated by developed Western countries under the pretext of building a diversified society and promoting democracy. In fact, these pretexts are what powerful countries use to instigate the opposition in countries that refuse to stand on their side.

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