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Unexpected adventures in Wudaokou's 'club heaven'

By EduardoT ( Updated: 2014-07-10 16:55

So it's Friday night and my roommate and I have some work to do this weekend. We are preparing a project to be submitted for the ASLA General Design Competition and we have a meeting about it on Sunday. The plan is to work on it a little Saturday and then present what we have to the principal of the company on Sunday. We have done most of the work for this project and decide that we should at least take the night off and go get a few beers. Nothing crazy. We heard there were plenty of bars and clubs two stations from us, so we get ready and take the subway to Wudaokou.

We enter this place called Propaganda and the drinks are half-price at the club we first visited in Sanlitun. So we stay and relax there for a bit, it's only 9:13 pm. I thought the place was really small, there was little room to sit down and the bar was crowded, but the drinks were cheap and I had been sitting down all day at work. I decide to check out the back of the bar around 10:00 pm, to see if there is anything around the corner only to discover a dance floor downstairs. They were just opening it as I approached the stairs so all the tables were available. Only a few others rushed down with me. I thought it was kind of funny. Now we are downstairs, they are playing some cool R&B songs and I could really dance to that. We decide to stay a little longer.

The downstairs area fills up ridiculously quickly, except for the dance floor. My roommate was especially upset about this and decides that we need to move our butts to the floor and get this party started. I agree to follow him, thinking we aren’t going to start anything. We are going to look like fools and I'm okay with that. We enter the dance area and the bar starts playing Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears songs and I have no clue how to move to that music. Doesn’t’ matter! We bust out all the awesome, white-boy moves we know (that means awful dancing) and somehow that encourages a bunch of Asian guys to jump in and join the terrible dancing. Slowly, the ladies start popping up. The music gets better and I really want to stay. The metro closes at 11:30 pm, it's 11:00 pm, my roommate and I look at each other, and without words, we decide to stay longer and take a taxi home.

We had been dancing on the stage area, the little space that is elevated over the rest of the dance floor, for an hour. It's awesome. I feel like a king. We keep dancing for two or three more hours. At one point, this really drunk Asian girl starts attacking my roommate. She looks sloppy and keeps trying to kiss him. I cannot stop laughing and dancing next to him while this is happening. I turn around to dance and as I turn back to face his direction, this girl kisses me and tells me she loves me. I am way too surprised to process properly and decide to get this girl some water. I should have just told her to leave me alone. I try to lead her to the bar to get water and suddenly she starts walking in a completely different direction. I am even more confused now and so I try to get her to head back to the bar. It turns out she wanted to go into the girls' bathroom to do I-don't-know-what with me. I decide to go back to the dance floor. She was way too drunk and I didn't know how many other men she had already kissed. I was disgusted.

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