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To help, or not to help?

Updated: 2014-07-08 07:36 (

Alex2010 (Germany)

Where I come from it is a crime not to help. You can go to prison for not helping a person in need. Let's say you're driving your car and see an accident where people are inside the car needing help. If you don't stop and instead just leave the scene you've committed a crime. it's the same for situations where people are injured and lying unconscious on the ground, it's a crime if you just stand around, not helping or maybe even taking pictures while the person could die. In fact, in Germany you have to take a first aid course before you can get a driving license, which means that most people, at least those with a license, should know first aid.

To help, or not to help?

To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help?
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