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To help, or not to help?

Updated: 2014-07-08 07:36 (

Editor's note: "To help or not to help", that is a question, especially if you have to face the consequences of your kindness. That is, what would you do if you found someone in trouble and needing help? Our expat readers share their thoughts and stories. As usual, you're welcome to leave your comments.

msrong (US)

It's true that people in the West tend to help strangers more often than not, but to say they would never stand and watch is going too far. One particularly infamous incident occurred in NY where a woman being attacked screamed for help, but people just watched from their apartment windows, not bothering to call the cops. The unfortunate problem of being oblivious to strangers in distress is common in other Asian countries as well. Expats in Japan say the same happens there. I agree that China needs a Good Samaritan law.

To help, or not to help?

To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help?
What surprised you the most in China? Should Chinese care about "face"? Laowai, is the term offensive?

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