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To help, or not to help?

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Longzhou (US)

A few years back when I driving home from our factory, I spotted a body in the middle of the road and no one around. I parked my car and called the traffic police. When they arrived they asked me how I had hit the man and I explained that I hadn't and had just stopped to check. They asked why I stopped if I hadn't hit the guy, so I said I just wanted to help. Things got complicated but it was obvious that my car did not have the slightest scratch but they kept on insisting that I was responsible, so I called the factory manager, who came over. When he arrived he said, "Why in the name of heavens did you stop?" Then the family of the dead man arrived and started pointing at me as the responsible one. I explained again that they could check the guy's wounds and my car and see it had no mark whatsoever. It was a painful experience and I have to say that only the understanding of the dead man's sister saved me from paying a big amount. She believed it couldn't had been my car and made everyone else back up, including, surprisingly, the police officers. I thought about it many times. And, in my heart, I think that if I faced a similar situation again, I would act just the same.

To help, or not to help?

To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help? To help, or not to help?
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