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Joint efforts to meet challenges

By Yang Danzhi (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-19 07:56

A more inclusive security concept is needed so more countries are involved in building a regional security framework

The Fourth Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia Summit will be held in Shanghai on Tuesday and Wednesday with the aim of increasing dialogue, mutual trust and collaboration to build a new Asia that is peaceful, stable and cooperative. President Xi Jinping will attend and chair the summit, and leaders or representatives of the CICA member states and observer states, heads of relevant international organizations and other guests have been invited to attend.

The CICA, first proposed by Kazakhstan in 1992, is an intergovernmental forum for enhancing cooperation by establishing measures to promote peace, security and stability in Asia, and it has become one of the forums in Asia with the largest number of member states. The Shanghai summit can be of great significance in defining the future direction of Asian security, constructing a regional security mechanism and ensuring regional common prosperity.

When chairing the first meeting of China's National Security Commission, President Xi Jinping underlined an overall national security outlook and a national security path with Chinese characteristics. This new security concept can help China and other CICA member states to jointly establish a regional security concept with more universal relevance and corresponding principles and norms.

China and other CICA member states (including observer states) are confronted with complicated, multiple traditional and non-traditional security challenges and their common and strong demand in promoting regional security cooperation can help all parties to press ahead with the creation of a new regional security architecture.

The CICA has become an important platform for Asian countries to enhance cooperation toward promoting regional peace, security and stability. Making good use of this mechanism can reassure regional countries about China's intentions to a certain extent.

At present, China's role in regional relations and security architecture has become a focus of the international community's attention as the relations and security situation in Asia are complicated and fluctuating. China as a responsible power should use the Shanghai CICA summit to push forward new security initiatives conducive to Asia's cooperation and security.

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