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Discover yield through treasure box

[2014-03-10 16:01]

The finance channel of news portal has released a tool called fund treasure box for investors to compare yield of Internet finance products.

Cashing in on crowds

[2014-03-10 07:08]

It may still be in its infancy in most of Asia, but crowdfunding could generate more than $96 billion from around the world over the next decade - and $50 billion from China alone.

Boeing Black: This smartphone will self-destruct

[2014-02-27 15:44]

Boeing Co on Wednesday unveiled a smartphone that appears to come straight from a James Bond spy movie.

Huawei, MegaFon announce 4G+ data network in MWC

[2014-02-26 14:02]

Russia's MegaFon and Huawei on Tuesday announced the launch of fastest mobile date network in the world at the Mobile World Congress.

LinkedIn jumpstarts China expansion with Chinese language site

[2014-02-25 17:51]

LinkedIn is in the process of getting a license to operate the Chinese language site, which requires the company to maintain server computers in China.

Lord of the ring tones? Mobile app war escalates

[2014-02-25 07:29]

In the fight between Tencent and Alibaba for China's emerging mobile payment market, cab-calling services have become the surprise battlefield.

Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19b

[2014-02-20 09:42]

It helps Facebook tap teens who will eschew the mainstream social networks and prefer WhatsApp and rivals such as Line and WeChat, which have exploded in size as mobile messaging takes off.

Xiaomi, Bank of Beijing in Net deal

[2014-02-19 17:33]

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp and Bank of Beijing signed a deal on Wednesday to form a strategic partnership aimed at tapping Internet finance.

ZTE to launch new products in Barcelona

[2014-02-19 11:30]

ZTE will use the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week to launch its new Grand Memo II, as well as the new ZTE Open C smartphone with Firefox OS 1.3, and a new MiFavor 2.3 interface.

China Telecom rolls out 4G network

[2014-02-15 09:15]

China's third-largest telecom carrier launched its 4G mobile network in the domestic market, competing with its leading rival China Mobile.

Top 10 unusual gifts for Valentine's Day

[2014-02-13 16:40]

If you want to make this day a special one, ditch the old fashion way of sending flowers or chocolates or cards and think outside of the box.

Alibaba to launch US e-commerce website

[2014-02-12 09:23]

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is set to launch a US e-commerce website through its subsidiaries Vendio and Auctiva, which are in turn part of the business group.

Sony announces $1.1b net loss, to sell PC unit

[2014-02-07 10:59]

Sony Corp announced Thursday it had revised its full year forecast for the year through March to a group net loss of 110 billion yen ($1.1 billion) from a profit of 30 billion yen.

Sony steps up restructuring with PCs pullout

[2014-02-06 16:43]

The Japanese company said on Thursday the restructuring will cut 5,000 jobs and trim 100 billion yen ($988 million) a year.

Lenovo to buy Motorola business for $2 billion

[2014-01-30 02:02]

Lenovo Group Ltd is likely to buy Google Inc’s Motorola Mobility business, giving the Chinese company a bigger say in the global tablet and smartphone market.

Motorola unit 'offers mobility' for Lenovo

[2014-01-30 01:34]

Chinese group makes deal worth $2 billion for Motorola Mobility business, a money losing subsidiary owned by Google Inc.

Dutch engineer designs homemade purifier

[2014-01-21 17:12]

A Dutch electrical engineer recently built his very own air purifier machine for his home in Shanghai.

China software to rival Android, iOS

[2014-01-20 00:19]

A Chinese-developed new operating system, which is said to have fixed a range of existing programming bugs and errors, has entered the market.

Concept cars at North American Auto Show

[2014-01-15 10:25]

Concept cars are pictured at North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, US on January 13, 2014.

Toyota hydrogen-powered vehicle debuts at 2014 CES

[2014-01-07 16:46]

Toyota unveiled a hydrogen-powered "Car of the Future" that emits only water vapor, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.