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Top 9 smartphone-driven gadgets

[2015-05-28 07:10]

Mobile Internet has added a new dimension to people's lives. Thanks to the development of smartphones more consumer electronic devices can be operated via such applications.

New Russian kid on the block joins crowded market

[2015-05-20 21:52]

Yota Devices launched YotaPhone 2, the world's first dual screen smartphone with an always-on e-ink display, at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Beijing on Wednesday.

Xiaomi launches high-end smartphone to take on big rivals

[2015-05-07 14:32]

Four month after the flagship model Mi Note was introduced to the public, smartphone maker Xiaomi launched its high-end handset Mi Note Pro.

Apple iPad Pro: New details revealed

[2015-05-05 13:50]

Apple is working on a larger iPad which will feature a number of changes, including an all-new Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity, support for Force Touch input, and a USB-C connector, according to technology website AppleInsider.

Gold Apple Watch Edition sold out in China in less than an hour

[2015-04-13 15:12]

The Apple Watch Edition that costs 126,800 yuan ($20,402) in the Chinese mainland were snapped up in less than an hour on April 10, according to Tech website

Apple Watch at a glance

[2015-04-10 17:01]

One of the key questions regarding the Apple Watch is whether the existing iPhone users will purchase "Apple's most personal device".

Youku partners with DJI to promote aerial videos online

[2015-04-09 14:00]

Chinese online streaming website Youku Tudou Inc has joined hands with domestic drone maker DJI to integrate online video sharing with the latter's newly launched devices on Wednesday.

Top 10 free iOS games apps in China

[2015-04-08 07:25]

Here we present the country's top 10 free games apps on the iOS platform, according to statistics from industry research company App Annie.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Beijing

[2015-04-01 16:31]

Galaxy S6 has a mature localization solution. Samsung cooperates deeply with domestic applications, and the company also introduced its own mobile payment service.

Yota Phone 2 to launch Chinese version in Q2

[2015-03-28 14:55]

Yota Devices, the developer of YotaPhone, the world's first dual screen smartphone with an always on e-ink display, announced a joint venture with domestic firm JieLan Ltd to promote, sell and provide customer service for YotaPhone in China on Saturday in Hainan province, during the ongoing 2015 Boao Forum for Asia.

Auto execs worry Apple,Goolge may hit core operations

[2015-03-05 07:46]

Automotive executives are taking seriously the prospect that Apple Inc and Google Inc will emerge as competitors even as they consider partnering with the two.

Chinese products at Mobile World Congress

[2015-03-03 13:52]

Chinese manufacturers including HTC, ZTE, Acer and Asus released new products during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Apple likely to launch Apple Watch on March 9

[2015-02-27 13:42]

Apple Inc has sent out invitations for a press meeting on March 9 in San Francisco, fueling rumors that it plans to launch smartwatch at the event.

Five must-have gadgets to ease holiday travel

[2015-02-18 08:37]

Let's take a look some electronic gadgets displayed on, a website that provides gadgets-tryout service to users, aimed at helping travelers have a pleasant journey.

Top 10 innovative consumer electronics companies

[2015-02-16 07:01]

From the drone in the sky to the smart wearable on your wrist, consumer electronics have taken over our lives and exist everywhere.

Festival Special: Apps behind red envelope drive

[2015-02-13 06:59]

With major Internet companies joining the campaign, giving cash-stuffed red envelopes, or hongbao, during the Spring Festival is set to become an online meme this year, again.

Festival Special: Apps that make holiday shopping easier

[2015-02-11 07:28]

With the increase in sales of nianhuo, the special goods bought to celebrate the Spring Festival, the rising purchasing power of Chinese consumers is on full display.

Festival Special: Apps that help commuters avoid rush

[2015-02-10 07:15]

As the Chinese Lunar New Year, known as Spring Festival, approaches, China's busiest annual travel begins.

Suits of solar power aptitude compressing dustbins set in Hangzhou

[2015-02-08 16:32]

Ten suits of solar power aptitude compressing dustbins were set on Saturday at the West Lake scenic spot in Hangzhou, which could automatically compress trashes thrown in.

Women-focused app to build relationships

[2015-02-05 16:54]

"We believe male users are still dominant players in the existing location-based social networking apps, so building an app that focuses on female-friendly features was our top priority," said Pan Ying, co-founder of Tantan.