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Emerging markets 'a driver' for browser firm UCWeb

[2013-08-24 08:14]

Chinese mobile Internet browser company UCWeb Inc said emerging markets, including India and Russia, are major destinations for the company's overseas expansion.

Will China embrace a gold iPhone?

[2013-08-23 11:28]

If Apple hopes to woo more Chinese by adding a glitzy coating - some call it champagne, some gold - to its next iPhone, it may be in for a surprise.

HTC smarter at marketing

[2013-08-20 23:19]

Taiwan-based HTC Corp aims to become one of the top three smartphone vendors in the Chinese market in two to three years through product offerings and branding.

Nokia launches high-end camera phone in China

[2013-08-16 07:48]

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia Corp released its camera phone Lumia 1020 in China on Thursday.
Nokia Siemens Networks renamed

3-D printing adds wings to aviation

[2013-08-13 07:45]

3-D printing technology has found its way into the production of titanium alloy airframes, landing gear and engine parts.
3-D printing development may be 'problematic'

Lenovo shoots for the stars in smartphones

[2013-08-13 00:46]

Lenovo Group Ltd is aiming high to become a leading player in global smartphone sales, building up its branding and expanding abroad aggressively.

Apple offers trade-in on faulty chargers

[2013-08-07 10:50]

Apple device users in China who have concerns about their USB power adapters can get an official one for $10.

Huawei expands in London

[2013-08-06 00:10]

Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei said it plans to open a London-based center later this year to deal with financial matters.

Weibo for Taobao released

[2013-08-01 17:39]

Sina and Alibaba announced the long-awaited Weibo for Taobao. Retailers will be able to use Weibo and monitor metrics directly from Taobao.

Next iPhone may include fingerprint scanner

[2013-08-01 10:33]

Next Apple iPhone may include fingerprint scanner.

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