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(China Daily) Updated: 2015-05-29 07:45

On his son

Your son Wang Sicong has over 12 million fans on his microblog. Some say he is bold in his thinking and speech, while others opine he is too high-profile in public.

I think two reasons can explain his flamboyant character: His experience of growing up in the West and his young age. But I hope he will become more prudent.

Wang Sicong grew up in Singapore and the United Kingdom. As his father, what do you think of the gains and losses of his education?

When I look back, I might have made some mistakes. It would have been better if he finished junior or senior middle school education in China before going abroad. As he was sent abroad too early, he lacks a deep understanding of the complexity of the Chinese society. After all he cannot handle things in Western ways in China.

Do you define yourself as a strict father or a kind one?

In my case, I think it would be a case of strictness overwhelming kindness.

On grooming successors

What book are you reading these days?

10 Years of Bubble in Japan

As you put it, the key part of your value is innovation and daring to try. Have you ever felt timid?

Timid, yes there are some occasions when I have felt so. I revere laws and regulations and hence I take care to see that I never violate any rules.

Do you have any worries?

I have worries in both work and life. The biggest worry is the growth of Wanda Group's successors, as we are short of talent.

Will Wang Sicong take over from you at Wanda Group?

He has made it clear that he will not take over Wanda Group. He has his own dispositions and his own interests.

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