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SOHO, Baidu mulls China's 1st estate-Internet tie-up

[2015-03-29 13:47]

Real estate giant SOHO China is likely to join hands with search engine Baidu Incto sell homes online, two top executives from the companies suggested on Sunday.

China, US 'cannot afford' maritime dispute

[2015-03-30 04:00]

Countries outside the South China Sea should not get involved into the overlapping territorial claims of China and some ASEAN countries.

Countries rushing to join AIIB

[2015-03-30 03:07]

Observers say US, now increasingly isolated, should rethink its negative position on the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Tech tycoons' take on innovation in BFA

[2015-03-29 20:40]

Innovation and technology are seen as a hot topic in this year's annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia held in Boao, South China's Hainan province.

China-led bank 'shouldn’t be hostage to history': expert

[2015-03-28 20:02]

The proposed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank should not be constrained by past history and should be creative in its structure, governance and lending practice.

Australia announces it will join China-proposed bank

[2015-03-28 20:00]

Australia will join the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank as a prospective founding member.

China-backed investment bank welcomes all countries: Xi

[2015-03-28 10:26]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is an open initiative and China welcomes all countries to join the effort.

Maritime Silk Road strategy not a political tool

[2015-03-28 16:57]

China will not use the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road project as a geopolitical tool to manipulate neighboring countries.

China unveils action plan on Belt and Road Initiative

[2015-03-28 15:03]

Principles, framework, and cooperation priorities and mechanisms was revealed in the Initiative in a bid to enhance regional connectivity.

President Xi calls for better regional cooperation

[2015-03-28 13:55]

President Xi Jinping called for greater Asian cooperation and sought to allay concerns about China's rising during the opening ceremony of a major regional development forum on Saturday.

China welcomes countries to AIIB

[2015-03-28 12:27]

A detailed action plan for the "One Belt One Road" initiative has been drafted and a string of infrastructure projects is being carried out steadily.

China to import goods worth $10 trillion in 5 years

[2015-03-28 11:33]

China will import more than $10 trillion of goods in the coming five years, marking continued opportunities brought to the world, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

China continues to promote win-win cooperation

[2015-03-28 11:23]

China will work to promote a new type of international relations of win-win cooperation and will always remain a staunch force for world peace and common development, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

Hainan to ease its duty-free policy

[2015-03-28 08:11]

Hainan International Tourism Island in South China will continue to ease its duty-free policy and bring in tourism professionals to develop the area into an international tourist destination.

Trendsetters to the fore at Boao Forum

[2015-03-27 11:39]

Young leaders and trendsetters set out their ideas and solutions at a sub-forum with the theme "Power of individuals in the era of pluralism" at the Boao Forum for Asia.

Security forces ready for Boao Forum

[2015-03-25 15:54]

Chinese patrol ship Haixun 21 heads out for waters around Bo'ao in South China's Hainan province to tighten security for the Boao Forum, to be held from March 26 to 29, 2015.

China must upgrade industry to remain competitive, experts say

[2015-03-28 16:51]

China must upgrade its industry to maintain its competitiveness in the global value chain and to avoid the middle-income trap.

China to enhance people-to-people ties during Belt and Road cooperation

[2015-03-28 16:32]

China called for closer people-to-people bond when implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, in a bid to win public support for deepening bilateral and multinational cooperation.

Financial cooperation to be deepened in Belt and Road Initiative

[2015-03-28 16:15]

Countries along the Belt and Road should deepen financial cooperation, as financial integration is an important underpinning for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

Infrastructure connectivity a priority in Belt and Road Initiative

[2015-03-28 15:53]

The connectivity of infrastructure is a priority for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, according to an action plan unveiled Saturday.

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