Informal touch builds friendship between nations

2014-10-13 05:34

How much do you think can be achieved in 10 hours? It depends largely on an individual's interests and ability to multitask.

Li supports offshore RMB market in Luxembourg

2014-10-12 06:13

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Saturday that China supports the establishment of an offshore RMB market in Luxembourg, and the use of national currencies in the two-way trade and investment.

Li says focus is on long-term growth

2014-10-12 01:06

Premier Li Keqiang dismissed speculation of a hard landing for Chinese economy and said that China has the capability to meet this year's growth target.

Premier hails Hamburg's role in China-Germany cooperation

2014-10-12 00:27

Premier Li Keqiang said Saturday he hopes that the German city of Hamburg, which has played a leading role in China-Germany trade, will enhance cooperation with China in more areas.

Premier's visit takes China-Germany ties to new height

2014-10-11 23:46

China-Germany ties are set to reach a new height with the two countries inking multi-billion-dollar deals and a landmark "action plan" to upgrade bilateral cooperation.

Innovation, cooperation highlight upgraded Sino-German partnership

2014-10-11 15:29

Innovation, cooperation and opening-up have highlighted Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's ongoing visit to Germany, while the two countries' leaders lifted bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a higher level on Friday.

Chinese premier attends welcoming ceremony held by Merkel

2014-10-11 11:30

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (L, front) attends a welcoming ceremony held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R, front) in Berlin, Germany, Oct. 10, 2014.

Premier, Merkel aim to further boost ties

2014-10-11 10:59

Premier Li Keqiang has an especially busy schedule during his tour of Germany.

Premier gives Merkel a puzzle

2014-10-11 10:56

Premier Li Keqiang gave a traditional Chinese puzzle game called Lu Ban Lock to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday at a bilateral economic and technological forum, saying he hoped the two countries can "solve difficulties with intelligence and expand their future".

Commerce chamber smooths investment

2014-10-11 10:27

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany has been helping Chinese companies to tap into the German market and make their voices heard since May 2013, its chairman said.

Summit offers platform for 'strong impact'

2014-10-11 09:59

The Hamburg Summit on Friday and Saturday takes place at a strategically important time, as Premier Li Keqiang delivers the keynote speech on the second day and relations between China and Europe are closer than ever.

China, Germany pledge closer co-op in innovation

2014-10-11 09:58

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed Friday to put emphasis on innovation cooperation so as to further promote bilateral ties.

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