Minister remarks on possibility of China-Japan summit

2014-10-29 19:52:39

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China will "play its due role as a host to all guests" when answering a question on the possibility of a China-Japan leaders' meeting.

More high-speed trains set for APEC holiday travelers

2014-10-29 07:56:41

Beijing will increase the frequency of its high-speed trains to meet the demand of Beijing tourists during the APEC conference next week.

Beijing holds anti-terror drill ahead of APEC meetings

2014-10-28 13:36:08

Beijing police launched an anti-terror drill to guarantee security for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Beijing.

APEC puts focus on financing

2014-10-23 07:20:39

Infrastructure financing was at the top of the agenda at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Finance Ministers' Meeting in Beijing, with several concrete results achieved.

2,280 volunteers for APEC Economic Leaders' Week

2014-10-21 20:08:08

Beijing launched an etiquette training program for 2,280 volunteers serving at the APEC Economic Leaders' Week scheduled for early November.

Strict food policy for APEC

2014-10-22 08:01:48

Beijing has adopted a stringent food-security policy for the upcoming APEC meeting by regulating raw food-material providers and suspending sales of healthcare products at some hotels.

Yang, Kerry meet in Boston ahead of APEC summit

2014-10-19 03:16:01

China's State Councilor Yang Jiechi met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Boston on Saturday for the second day on his US visit.

US CEOs push for trade treaty at summit

2014-10-16 10:02:59

Leaders of major American companies are urging President Barack Obama to make a US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty a top priority when he meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping next month.

Beijing to implement odd-even car ban during APEC

2014-10-09 16:57:42

The rule means alternate driving days for cars with even- and odd- numbered license plates, a move expected to reduce the number of private vehicles on the roads by 35 percent.

China, ASEAN expand judicial training programs

2014-09-18 07:49:47

The top judicial bodies from China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are expanding exchange and training programs to help judges in the region more effectively handle trade issues.

Officials promote new tourism wave

2014-09-15 09:01:34

Tourism ministers from APEC economies have adopted measures to ensure that the Asia-Pacific travel and leisure industry keeps pace with changing consumer trends and advances in technology.

Ease taxes to boost industry, experts suggest

2014-09-15 08:02:00

The tax burden on the tourism industry should be eased to encourage further development of the sector and enable it to make a larger contribution to economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, according to officials and experts who spoke during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Tourism Ministerial Meeting in Macao.