Warm hues for APEC

2014-11-28 07:41:24

While the APEC summit in Beijing ended almost two weeks ago, the style statement surrounding it lingers and people are still talking about the clothes worn by leaders and their spouses.

APEC yielded good results for US and China

2014-11-19 11:00:26

This year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting (APEC) yielded outcomes for China and the US that both countries are "very happy with", according to US officials.

Details of first pilot center for APEC Green Supply Chain

2014-11-14 22:17:17

More details on the first pilot center for the Cooperation Network on Green Supply Chain of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation were disclosed by Tianjin's Yujiapu Financial District on Friday.

Beijing wants to keep 'APEC blue'

2014-11-14 05:15:53

Beijing plans to phase out around 1 million vehicles with low emission standards, a move toward allowing residents to enjoy the same good air quality experienced during the recent APEC meeting.

Beijing authorities release pollution data for APEC week

2014-11-13 18:59:41

Following a special air pollution control plan for APEC meetings, the city's daily PM 2.5 density seen a 55-percent reduction compared with the same period last year.

Brussels respects deal on climate change

2014-11-12 21:57:02

Brussels welcomes Beijing and Washington's commitments in reducing carbon emission in post-2020 period, saying both sides have reached a "respective" agreement on climate control on Wednesday.

Li meets Obama, vowing to speed up BIT negotiations

2014-11-12 20:46:01

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with visiting US President Barack Obama in Beijing on Wednesday, and both agreed to speed up efforts to reach a bilateral investment treaty.

Xi advocates new type of military relations with US

2014-11-12 19:32:53

President Xi Jinping on Wednesday proposed "a new type of military relations" that suits the new type of major-country relationship between China and the United States.

Chinese, Peruvian presidents hold talks on ties

2014-11-12 19:08:40

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with visiting Peruvian President Ollanta Humala Tasso on Wednesday.

China, US unveil ambitious climate change goals

2014-11-12 14:17:47

The United States and China announced an action plan on greenhouse emissions as part of a "historic" pact that was acclaimed by climate scientists. ITA talks Military relations  Anti-terrorism  No support to Taiwan, Tibet independence

Xi talks with Obama, pledges commitment to new-type of major-country relations

2014-11-12 09:56:14

President Xi Jinping held talks with his US counterpart Barack Obama, underscoring commitment to building a new type of major-country relations between the world's two largest economies.

China expects open dialogue with US legislature

2014-11-12 18:59:12

Chinese top legislator Zhang Dejiang called for open dialogue between Chinese and US legislatures when meeting with US President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

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